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Children’s behaviour influenced by parents’ inability to turn TV off

After complaining that their children are copying the behaviour of pre-schoolers cartoon favourite, Peppa Pig, parents are being offered a crash course in how to turn their televisions off.

Parents have insisted that the behaviour of the mischievous pig has caused their offspring to behave in a number of ways not normally associated with children aged 4 and under, such as liking chocolate cake and getting a bit messy.

Pointing the finger of blame squarely at the complicated technology involved in stopping the mysterious power source that lights up their magic telly box, mother of three, Kate Reilly told us, “How do I stop it? I’ve tried everything!”

“I’ve left numerous requests for help on Mumsnet, I’ve tried blaming teachers, I’ve prayed to baby Jesus, but still no answers.”

TV influence

Experts in button pressing have offered assistance to struggling parents who are failing to get to grips with the concept of taking responsibility.

“It can be difficult for parents to accept that their child’s behaviour may be influenced by them, but with a bit of help I’m sure we can help them locate the on/off button on their televisions,” said expert in household appliance control, Professor Geoffrey Gaskins.

“With some additional coaching we could also show them how to press it.”

“Alternatively we could just get their kids to do it for them.”

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