It’s not racist if you’re talking about the honkies, claims Abbott

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Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott has defended her comments on Twitter, claiming that they have been blown out of all proportion before insisting that ‘them crackers be crazy’.

Abbott was accused over a Tweet in which she said, “All white people do that thing, yeah?” which caused outrage amongst all of the white people who don’t do that thing.

The Labour front-bencher has defended her comments by asking people to look at the colour of her skin and the definition of a racist.

“Look at me, I don’t look anything like John Terry. I can’t be racist.”

“In fact, you thinking that I’m a racist is actually very racist you know,” she told reporters.

Abbott Tweet storm

Labour supporters have defended Abbott claiming that tweeting something monumentally stupid does not make you a racist.

As one explained, “Look, all she did was make a flippant off-the-cuff remark about all people of a particular skin colour behaving in exactly the same way – if that’s racist then lock me up and throw away the key.”

However many others have admitted that they’re not really sure what all the fuss is about.

Gary Williams told us, “I’m a white person and I certainly don’t like playing Divide and Rule, if anything I’m more an Angry Birds person myself.”