Liverpool disappointed as FA hand Andy Carroll eight-match run in Liverpool side

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Liverpool fans have revealed their disappointment after the Football Association handed Andy Carroll an eight-match run in the starting eleven because Luis Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra.

Carroll, who cost the club around ten times his actual value, has made the majority of his appearances from the subs bench, but with Suarez suspended he could be handed the opportunity to be completely ineffectual right from the start of the next eight fixtures.

The club, who currently sit sixth in the Premier League, released a statement expressing their disappointment with the FA’s decision.

“Liverpool Football Club is very surprised and disappointed with the decision of the Football Association commission to allow Andy Carroll such a large amount of time on the pitch.”

“Kenny likes to use Andy as a non-impact sub, but this unprecedented decision could see games passing Andy by for the full ninety minutes, rather than just the last fifteen.”

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Luis Suarez banned

Critics of the decision have insisted that being forced to play Andy Carroll for what could amount to two months is a punishment that simply does not fit the crime.

“It’s not like Suarez killed anyone, is it? If he had, I could sort of understand such draconian measures,” said fan Simon Matthews.

The club are currently considering an appeal, but are wary of further sanctions after rumours appeared suggesting a lost appeal could result in the FA forcing the club to re-sign David N’Gog or Emily Heskey and play them instead.

A PFA spokesperson said they were pleased with the result of the commission, and claimed it moved them one step closer to their goal of all footballer abuse being directly related to nothing other than their utterly detestable personalities.