Natasha Giggs keen to know who Celebrity Big Brother plays for

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After signing up to the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, Natasha Giggs today asked for confirmation of which club this big brother plays for before she decides whether to have an affair with him.

As reports emerged that she will join something called Nicola McLean on the tawdry Channel 5 freak show, sources close to Giggs said she was keen to add to her list of celebrity brother conquests.

A close friend told us, “When she heard Celebrity Big Brother was interested in her, the first thing she wanted to know was what car he drives.  She has standards now you know.”

“Someone mentioned he was on television and that really got her excited – footballer and TV star is a rare combination, obviously.”

“That said, if he plays any lower than the Championship then he’d better be really good looking, or she’s not interested.”

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Celebrity Big Brother

Television fans have welcomed the announcement, and insisted that locking a dozen fame hungry simpletons in a highly secure building is ‘a good start’.

Viewer Simon Matthews told us, “I know there is limited space, but if they could up the numbers to a couple of thousand, including anyone who has ever been on the front of OK Magazine, then I’d be eternally grateful.”

“I still wouldn’t watch it, obviously, but I think it would be safe to watch everything else on television knowing they were all under lock and key.”