Friday 16 December 2011

Banksy to create new sculpture of Dutch priest sodomising children

After accusations that his latest sculpture on church paedophiles was too ‘subtle’, Banksy is to create a new piece depicting Dutch Catholic priests sodomising thousands of children.

His latest installation at a gallery in Liverpool shows the pixelated face of ‘Cardinal Sin’, but critics have argued that most people who see it don’t seem to know this is about Catholic priests fucking young kids.

As one visitor explained, “I just thought it was a pretty cool sculpture and I wondered where I could buy the t-shirt.”

His new idea of hundreds of Dutch priests incessantly sodomising thousands of children has been described as ‘inspired’ by those who have seen the early sketches.

Art critic Simon Matthews told us, “It’s one of those concepts where you don’t need to look for a hidden meaning or subtext.  It’s right there in front of your face; it’s the systematic abuse of thousands of children by one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet.”

“And in case you were wondering, there’s not a stencil in sight.”

Banksy’s new priest sculpture

A friend of the artist explained that the new sculpture could be the first in a new series by the controversial graffiti artist.

They told reporters, “He was quite taken with the idea of the Pope smothered in gold jewellery, stood next to a waste bin full of condoms and surrounded by thousands of african children dying of AIDS.”

“But he thought this might be a little bit too ‘on the nose’.  So child sodomy it is.”

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