Wednesday 14 December 2011

Scottish train vigilante urged to listen out for noisy iPods

A Scottish man who threw a fare-dodging youth from a train so that other passengers could be on their way has been urged to keep an ear out for anyone using noisy headphones to listen to something called ‘dubstep’.

Alan Pollock’s action against Sam Mains on the Edinburgh to Perth train on Friday was filmed by another passenger, with many fellow train users seen in the background shouting out who they would like to see thrown off the train next.

“This guy is reading a broadsheet paper which when fully opened clearly crosses the boundary of the seat he’s occupying!” cried one fellow passenger.

“This one’s headphones are so loud I can almost make out the track that’s being played – and it is NOT one that I like!” screamed another.

The incident is to be investigated by Scottish police, but it has already led to an upsurge in self-policing among the public which has seen queue jumpers stoned to death and a 28 year-old man being flogged to within an inch of his life in a Tesco carpark for carrying twelve items to the ‘ten items or fewer’ checkout.

Train vigilante

The police have appealed for calm, and suggested that politely requesting people behave properly should be the public’s last resort.

Member of the public Simon McDonald told us, “I don’t agree with vigilantism, but I do like to see rude pricks given a good whallop every now and again, so I’m very much torn on the issue.”

“If a few dozen arseholes have to die to put an end to the scourge of people playing music from their phones on public transport, would it really be such a bad thing?”

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