Frozen Planet polar bears looking to branch out into theatre

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The polar bear stars of the BBC’s David Attenborough documentary Frozen Planet have announced that they are looking for an agent to take their special skills to the West End.

With compliments still pouring in for their incredible performances in the expensive BBC production, sources close to the bears claim that now is the time to ‘cash in’.

A spokesperson for the bears said, “I think their performances as Arctic hunters carried both the emotional depth and the harsh brutality demanded by the script – even though there were one or two artistic differences.”

“This should prove to any prospective producers out there – for stage or screen – that these are professionals, and they will do whatever is needed to secure the shots they really need.”

“The West End really is the pinnacle for performers of their calibre, and there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be in Hollywood this time next year.”

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Polar bears ‘acting’

Despite criticism, the BBC has defended the use of the polar bear thespians, insisting it took several years to find bears that could deliver the sort of performance that was needed.

a BBC spokesperson said, “Everyone who has seen the footage has called it ‘amazing’ or ‘breathtaking’, it’s clear they’re at the top of their game. We’re delighted with how it turned out.”

However the source close to the bears complained, “They say it was a brilliant performance, but since filming wrapped we’ve not seen a single offer from the major studios.”

“So if you’re an agent, and you think you could help, please get in touch.”