Man Utd fans face long trip to Manchester for FA Cup tie

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Fans of Premier League giants Manchester United are facing the prospect of a long journey up the M6 after they were handed an FA Cup third round tie against Manchester City.

Some supporters of the current Premier League champions have revealed that actually going to a game will prove too difficult, and they will have to make do with watching the game on television like they normally do anyway.

“I was hoping for something a bit more local,” said disappointed fan Richard Young.

“I’ve supported United since they started winning everything, and I haven’t missed a game that’s been televised since.”

“Hopefully if we win through to round four we’ll get a local derby against Swindon.”

Manchester Derby

Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson expressed his sympathy for fans of the club, who face an arduous journey to their living room to watch the match.

“It’s a shame for the fans,” he said.

“It would be nice for them to experience a real live football match inside an actual stadium, but that’s the luck of the draw.”

“I hope for their sakes that the game is on ITV or some of them might have to face the hardship of leaving their house and going to a pub.”

“It’s definitely something the FA needs to look at.”