Anger as BBC Sports award shortlist fails to include anyone with a personality

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This year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year award has become shrouded in controversy after its 10-person shortlist for this year’s event failed to include anyone with even the slightest hint of a personality.

The all-dullard 2011 shortlist has drawn criticism for consisting entirely of people who have about as much charisma as a broken clown.

Responding to the critics, a BBC statement read, “We will review the current selection process in the hope that future shortlists include at least one person who displays characteristics associated with having a personality.”

Andy Murray, who was chosen for the shortlist despite not being as good as some other tennis players, was delighted to be in contention for the award.

“Errrr, yeah, obviously I’m errrr, yeah, y’know, errrr,” he gushed.

Sports Personality 2011

Captain of England’s Test cricket team, Andrew Strauss, who was selected because he has nickname, was also delighted to be nominated.

“Well, y’know, it’s errrr, yeah, erm,” he beamed.

However, some of the nominees were critical of the shortlist, with Dai Green expressing his surprise at his own inclusion.

“No, I’ve never heard of me either.”