Ofcom forced to remind people that X Factor is actually one long advert

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After some viewers complained that X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos keeps mentioning her fragrance on the show, Ofcom has been forced to remind viewers that X Factor actually just one long advert for Simon Cowell.

The singer’s perfume, called Scent of a Moron, bears the same name as the tattoo she repeatedly points to at the start of each show.

An X Factor spokesperson defended the judge, telling reporters, “Tulisa is merely reminding everyone that she’s the sort of person who is happy to put indelible marks on her body based on a passing whim – what’s wrong with that?”

“Just because the scribbling she has on her arm is the same name as her brand of toilet water is purely coincidence.”

“And to be honest, if people want to smell like someone who might have a friend called ‘Dappy’, then so be it.”

X Factor complaints

Ofcom explained that a number of complaints had been received from those people who seem to have mistaken X Factor for a ‘talent show’.

A spokesperson for the regulator told us, “It seems that some television owners are offended by being shamelessly sold to whilst they’re being shamelessly sold to.”

“I know an advert inside an advert is all a little bit Inception-like, but a simple rule of thumb is that if Simon Cowell is involved, he’s already trying to get you to buy something.”

“Easy, isn’t it?”