Sepp Blatter sets out to shake hands with all the black people

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After claiming that racism in football doesn’t actually exist, FIFA president has today set out to shake hands with all of the black people so we can just forget about it and move on with our lives.

Blatter denied that racism existed in football, and insisted that footballers some times merely say mean things to other footballers in the heat of the moment – which should be forgotten once they shake hands.

“I said what I said in the heat of battle in the interview, and now we should just shake hands and forget about it so I can get back to enjoying my million dollar salary.”

“I’ve already shaken hands with six black people this morning, so I’m guessing I’ve got about fifty to go, right?”

“Wait, there’s HOW many of them?”

Sepp Blatter racist comments

Critics have suggested that such were the levels of ignorance shown by his comments, that next time his is the only name on the FIFA presidential ballot he will almost certainly lose the election to himself.

FIFA member Shane McDonald said, “This latest outburst will leave FIFA members will have no choice but to vote against Sepp Blatter, by voting instead for Sepp Blatter – it will be the perfect example of democracy in action.”

“Plus I don’t believe he’s really racist, I know for a fact some of his closest photo opportunities are black.”

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