Surprise at Brodie Clark’s surprise at Theresa May’s ignorance

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Everyone has expressed their surprise that ex-UK border force head Brodie Clark was in any way surprised at the ignorance of Home Secretary Theresa May.

Mr Clark was suspended following an incident which required someone other than a government minister to take the blame.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today that Ms May is “in a continual state of being unaware”.

“Perhaps I should have more thoroughly checked whether the home secretary knew anything other than the fantastical imaginations that exist within her childlike mind,” he said.

Surprise at Clark’s surprise

Mr Clark’s ignorance of Ms May’s ignorance has been greeted by members of the public with complete and utter astonishment.

“To be completely unaware that Theresa May is completely unaware is astounding,” said bemused pre-schooler Toby Hardwick.

“I mean did he not see her conference speech?”

Ms May has received the full backing of Prime Minister David Cameron over the incident.

“Whatever it is that Theresa does then I am entirely confident that she is doing it to the highest standards.”

“The people of Britain expect something or other from this government and it is my duty to ensure that whatever that may be I assume we are doing it.”