Drug addicts defend right to take drugs in cars

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Despite calls from the British Medical Association to ban drug-taking in cars, drug addicts have today defended their right to get a fix when they are in their own car.

The BMA claims that second-hand smoke from drug addicts can harm passengers both whilst the drugs are being taken, and long after the come-down has begun, a claim strongly refuted by car-owning drug addicts.

Twenty a-day drug addict Matt Williams told us, “If I want to set fire to some drugs and suck the resultant smoke into my lungs when I’m in my car, then that’s my right.”

“I’m a drug addict, so deal with it.”

Simon Clarke from pro-drug organisation Forest told reporters, “This is the thin end of the wedge, the obvious next logical step if this made law is for the government to have people move in with you to make sure you don’t take drugs in the kitchen.”

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 Ban on smoking in cars

Passengers have welcomed the proposals, claiming that they’ll defend a drug addicts right to take drugs in a car as long as it doesn’t affect them in any way whatsoever.

Regular lift scrounger Shane McDonald told us, “If you want to snort a line off the steering wheel before hitting the M6 toll road, then I’m cool with that.”

“But look, I’ve never had to wash everything I’m wearing because I accepted a lift from a Heroin addict.”

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