Birmingham man offers youngsters ‘ultimate Michael Jackson experience’

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A Birmingham man has been arrested after offering youngsters the opportunity to experience what it would be like to have a sleepover at Michael Jackson’s house.

The 49 year-old man, coincidentally also called Michael Jackson, was arrested after it transpired that the experience was based on the assumption that the deceased pop star was guilty of the child molestation allegations that plagued his career.

Police had also received complaints that the youngsters had been led to believe that the sleepover would take place at a loving recreation of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch complete with funfair rides.

However the actual location used was a modest terraced house with a broken tricycle in the back garden.

Michael Jackson arrested

“He didn’t even look or sound like Michael Jackson,” said one disappointed 10 year old.

“When I think of Michael Jackson I think of moonwalking, pop music and paedophilia.”

“The experience did seem to focus quite heavily on just one of those areas, which was a little disappointing.”

Mr Jackson however, was quick to get his side of the story across.

“I am as innocent of these charges as the real Michael Jackson was of the charges that he faced,” he insisted.

It is unclear at this stage whether this statement was a protestation of his innocence or an admission of his guilt.