Terry cleared to play all-white Sweden

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England captain John Terry has been recalled to the starting line-up for tonight’s friendly after scouting reports suggested that Sweden will field an all-white line-up.

With controversy surrounding an FA investigation into Terry’s alleged use of racial slurs against QPRs Anton Ferdinand, Capello was keen to ensure there was no possibility of repeat in the International stage.

At the team press conference, Capello told reporters, “He is ready, he is fit, he has trained well and Sweden is almost entirely a team of white people. It is perfect for John Terry.”

“If anything, most of them are blonde, which if the accusations are true will probably be to his liking.”

“There is a possibility that Blackburn’s Martin Olsson might play, but that is a risk we’re willing to take. If he comes on as a substitute we might just take Terry off to protect him from one of his own racist outbursts.”

John Terry recalled

Capello is expected to make several changes for the match as he seeks to find the perfect blend of skin colour for his captain to play against.

A team spokesperson said, “It is important we use these friendly matches to find out when a player might actually be considered ‘black’.”

“At the European championships there will be many different skin tones, and we need to know how John Terry will react to each of them.”

“We’ve tried using flash cards with player’s photos, but there really is no substitute for the match-day experience.”