Muslims Against Crusades ban leaves EDL at a loose end

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Far right-wing protest group the English Defence League have revealed they are desperately seeking something else to react violently to today after Theresa May’s decision to ban the extremist organisation Muslims Against Crusades.

The group insisted that the absence of muslim extremists burning poppies has left them on the lookout for another organisation to step in and get them really riled up rather than endure the whole day completely free of angry red-faced confrontations .

“We’ve been looking forward to this day all year,” said EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

“The effort and time that we’ve put into getting really worked up looks like it may go to waste.”

“I urge Theresa May to delay the ban on Muslims Against Crusades for another 24 hours, so as to allow us to kick off big time.”

Muslims Crusader ban

Other EDL members have spoken of their frustration at not being able to become involved in a stand off with people that are just as abhorrent as they are.

“I’m totally gutted,” revealed 19 year old Mark Henderson.

“Groups like the EDL and Muslims Against Crusades need each other.”

“The opportunity to spew ill-informed hate-fuelled rants at each other is what we’re both about.”

“I mean, if they like the Taliban so much, why don’t they fuck off back to Talibania.”

“Yeah, that feels good!”