America finally gets round to prosecuting someone for killing a black man

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America has finally got round to prosecuting someone for killing a black man, it emerged yesterday.

Doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of once-black pop star Michael Jackson.

However critics of the trial claim it is merely addressing the manslaughter of a middle-class white man masquerading as a black man’s murder.

One expert said, “I don’t see how this counts, I mean the victim was almost white, and extremely wealthy”, with another claiming “Jackson was whiter than a Princeton graduating class”.

Jackson murder trial

Members of the prosecution team have defended their record, claiming that Dr Conrad Murray’s conviction shows they are making giant strides in addressing black-on-black violence.

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A spokesperson said, “This scourge of well-educated black men killing multi-millionaire black superstars has to end, and hopefully this is the first step in eliminating these crimes.”

“I know it’s taken a while to prosecute someone for killing a black man, but we’ve really had an awful lot on these last few years.”

“Maybe this will keep you quiet about our legal system being institutionally racist, for a few more years anyway.”

Michael Jackson fan Simon Matthews welcomed the verdict, telling reporters “I’m delighted, obviously. I knew Dr Conrad Murray was guilty the first time I heard Thriller.”

“Michael Jackson was an amazing artist with lots of money and seemingly unending media attention, so Dr Conrad Murray definitely did it.”