Oban fireworks organisers urged to let one off earlier in the day to prevent premature climax

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Organisers of the rescheduled Oban fireworks display in Scotland have been urged to let one off a couple of hours before people arrive in order to prevent a premature climax to the event.

The first attempt at putting on a show was ruined when the event became over-excited and fired everything in just 60 seconds, instead of the expected twenty minutes.

“It was their first time, so what can you say?” said attendee Sharon McDonnell.

“We just told them that this sort of thing happens to all firework displays and said we could try again later. You don’t want to make a big deal out of it, obviously.”

Fireworks experts have criticised the event for failing to adequately prepare for the evening, with one telling us, “You don’t get ready for a big event like this by leaving one in the barrel, that’s just amateur hour.”

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“I would strongly suggest setting off a few rockets, maybe a couple of pyrotecnic stars a few hours before the event – just to take the edge off and to leave them relaxed for the evening.”

Oban fireworks rescheduled

The event has been rescheduled for later this month, with residents keen to make sure organisers don’t feel under too much pressure to perform.

Mrs McDonnell went on, “There was a lot of talk in the build up to the first attempt, which only adds to the expectation. We don’t want them to get too excited this time.”

“The more they think about how much fun we’re all having, the harder it’s going to be to last the full twenty minutes.”

“I would urge them to not focus on how long it lasts, but to focus on whether the attendees enjoyed it.”

“But if it all goes off a bit too quickly again, then that’s fine. We’ll just finish ourselves off with some sparklers when we get home.”