Friday 4 November 2011

Makers of new Bond movie unveil actresses you’ll see in their underwear

Makers of the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ have unveiled the actresses that you will get to see in various states of undress whilst Daniel Craig goes around killing people.

the 23rd outing for Ian Fleming’s character will see Berenice Marlohe  and Naomie Harris either getting into bed with James Bond losing clothing whilst being chase by him.

Film fans have reacted positively to the announcement, insisting both actresses would look pretty good in a bikini.

Movie-goer Matt Williams told us, “Not since Halle Berry came out of the sea have we had a truly epic bond moment, but I’ve googled Berenice Marlohe and I have to say I’m very hopeful.”

“She clearly brings all of the necessary attributes required to be a successful bond girl, and I can only hope that idiot Daniel Craig doesn’t get in the shot too much.”

Bond 23 Skyfall

At the promotional launch, studio executives claimed that the movie would include guns and terrorism and stuff, before being asked which of the actresses Bond would be having sex with.

Film reviewer Marcus Pritchard asked, “Or is it both of them? Maybe at the same time? That would be really breaking new ground for Bond on the 50th anniversary of his first appearance.”

“But if you really want to guarantee a box office hit, write him out of it completely and let the bond girls get it on amongst themselves.”

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