Conspiracy theorists claim Mars mission simulation is a hoax

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Conspiracy theorists have today insisted that the Mars500 simulation at a Moscow Institute never took place, and that the participants never even went near a Mars mission simulation.

Six men today ‘returned’ from the mission, in which they were completely isolated from the outside world, a claim refuted by leading conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy advocate William Davies told us, “Do you have any idea how much it would cost to put a man in a Mars mission simulation? There’s no way this really happened.”

“They’re just pretending to have pretended to send a team to Mars. That pretend mission never happened, I assure you.”

“You only have to look at the footage they’ve released, that could be any steel tube around the world, and they want us to believe it is a steel tube in a Moscow Mars mission simulation? As if.”

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Mars500 ‘returns’

Researchers leading the programme have insisted that the accusation their mission is a hoax is completely without foundation, despite the offers of evidence from the conspiracy theorists.

Davies went on, “Look at this mobile phone footage someone took of a man who looks a LOT like so-called ‘participant’ Wang Yue – but he’s out buying milk in Hong Kong in February of this year. How could he have done that if he was in a steel tube in Moscow?”

“I suppose you’ll just say it’s someone who looks a bit like him, but then I would just call you racist.”

“Plus I’ve never seen any video whatsoever of someone walking into their ‘simulation’ during the mission to prove it was all happening as they’d told us, why not? Because it never happened!”

“There is simply nothing you can do to convince me that man has pretended to go to Mars. End of story.”