M4 commuters definitely using extra 60 seconds wisely

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A new survey has shown that since the closure of the M4 bus lane, commuters have seen their journey times fall by 60 seconds, leading many to show how that extra minute has improved their lives.

The bus lane caused much controversy among people whose inflated sense of self-importance was only dwarfed by the executive saloon their company gave them.

But since its removal, the time saved has proved a welcome addition to most commuters working day.

Commuter Steve Matthews told us, “I like to set aside my minute each day to make sure I’m getting the absolute most out of it.”

“Today I took slightly smaller bites of my sandwich to extend the lunch-time consumption process by about 60 seconds. You can’t put a price on that.”

“And yesterday for example I used my minute to look at a couple more funny images on Reddit – I’m very grateful to whoever got rid of the bus lane, obviously.”

M4 bus lane time savings

Not everyone is making such glamorous use the extra time they’ve been given.

A commuter who wanted to be known as ‘Kev’ told us, “I tend to wipe a couple of extra times, you know? It’s that safety wipe that you sometimes miss if you’re in a bit of a hurry.  Well no more, I always have time now.”

Traffic analyst Shane McDonald told us, “Since the bus lane was removed, all the drivers on the M4 are much happier souls, smiling to each other with never a cross word said. It’s motorway Utopia.”

“It has completely eliminated road-rage, honest, and I’ll stick a fork in the eye of anyone who says different.”