Jimmy Savile death linked to unforwarded chain letter

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The death of television legend Jimmy Savile is being linked to an email he received on Saturday morning but failed to immediately forward to thirty of his friends.

Savile passed away on Saturday aged 84, in an incident which authorities are now suggesting might be linked to ‘extremely bad karma’ caused by an ignored chain email.

A family spokesperson said, “The email was pretty clear, failure to forward it immediately would lead to lots and lots of bad luck, and you have to ask, can bad luck lead to anything worse than becoming a dead person?”

“If only he’d followed the email’s instruction to forward the note to thirty friends in the next hour he might still be with us today.”

“Apparently Microsoft were tracking the emails and would have sent him some money for forwarding it on too, which would have been nice.”

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Chain email danger

Health and Safety campaigners have long warned about the risks associated with not forwarding chain emails, and hope this latest tragic incident will draw attention to the danger.

“Every day millions of chain emails go unforwarded, leading to incidents such as missed elevators, spilled coffee cups and the purchase of losing lottery tickets.”

“Anything that draws attention to these tragedies should be seen as a positive, even if he had to die to make it happen.”

40 year-old fan Steven Williams told us, “I wrote to him in 1982 asking if he could fix it for me to rip off Cheryl Baker’s skirt, but he completely ignored that letter, so this tragedy doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.”