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Halloween Killer Michael Myers’ family insist Haddonfield police used excessive force

The family of probably dead serial killer Michael Myers say they ‘want answers’ after a succession of films showed him being hit, manhandled and shot dead several times over by police and his regular psychiatrist Dr Sam Loomis.

The IPCC has confirmed it is looking into video evidence collected from films such as Halloween 2,4,5,6 and Halloween 7 – ‘Michael Myers Makes Pumpkin Soup Then Stabs Some Teenagers’, one of which shows Myers being shot six times in the back before falling from a balcony.

Myers’ mother Susie admits her son was ‘no angel’ and ‘revelled’ in his role of bogeyman to the small community of Haddonfield, Illinois on the night of 31st October 1978.

However, she insists police overstepped the boundaries of what constitutes ‘reasonable force‘ in trying to apprehend him.

Scenes obtained from Halloween 2 shows an unarmed Myers walking calmly away from officers in the direction of Haddonfield General Hospital where his sister was receiving treatment for knife wounds he had inflicted.

Minutes later Myers collapses and ‘dies’ after being turned into a human fireball. A bunch of grapes and a copy of TV Quick were later recovered from the scene.

Excessive force

Other damning footage shows ten uniformed officers pumping several live rounds into Myers, who sustains a badly-damaged toenail after falling down a well.

Police claim they opened fire after Myers, who had just completed a fresh killing spree, demonstrated body language that was ‘aggressive’.

Susie Myers insisted,  “My son may have been a deranged lunatic with an almost supernatural kind of strength, but any right-minded person can see those murders were a cry for help.”

“Thirty years on we’re still seeking closure. Assuming Michael definitely is dead – that is.”

Meanwhile, DS Leo Parnia of Haddonfield County Police, offered his sincere condolences to Mrs Myers but blames a lack of clear guidelines on how to deal indestructible homicidal maniacs wearing back-to-front William Shatner masks.

Parnia added, “Besides – how were we to know he had a dodgy ticker?”

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