Actress sues film website for not pretending she’s more employable

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An actress is suing IMDb for more than $1m after a list of all the terrible films she’s been in was posted on their Internet Movie Database.

The unnamed actress claims that revealing the list of all the rubbish films she’s been in previously on the site will lose her future acting opportunities.

The website in question,, is accused of breach of contract, animal cruelty, murder and genocide.

However a recent counter claim insists that the Actress in Question has also committed heinous crimes against acting when she played the lead role in Titanicator: Revenge of the Sixth Sense.

Actress sues IMBb

The actress – referred to in court documents by the placeholder name “Tiffany” has appeared in the movies Titanic II, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Shark vs Crocodinosaurus, Megaladon vs Arthur Scargil and Avatar.

The lawsuit states, “By telling the truth about her career, this website has created a prejudicial environment in which her work will be assessed for it’s artistic merit, and nothing else.”

“By listing her appearances in some of the worst movies ever recorded in human history, casting directors, producers, homeless people with video cameras and even agents will be reluctant to work with her.”

“She might even struggle to get a role on Coronation Street.”

A spokeswoman for IMDB told reporters that the company did not comment on active litigation, no matter how ludicrous, but added that she really is a terrible actress.