Jockeys urged to try gentle words of encouragement

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The British Horseracing Authority is to bring in new rules whereby jockeys will only be able to encourage their horses with the use of motivational speeches.

After the latest concerns were raised over the use of whips, leading figures in the industry suggested that emotional motivation might be the way forward for the gambling exercise pretending to be a sport.

a BHA insider told us,”There are some people here that strongly believe you could get that little bit extra in the final furlong by shouting at the horse ‘Come on, you can do it, just half a furlong now, let’s go for it! – it’s got to be worth a shot, right?”

“We just want to move to a method that is more carrot than stick, but our investigations showed that a head-mounted carrot is unworkable.”

Whip rules

The Professional Jockeys Association has reacted with anger at the new proposals, suggesting it will be biased against those jockeys with unintelligible accents.

A spokesperson said, “What if the horse only speaks English? This could ruin Frankie Dettori’s career overnight.”

“We at the Jockeys Association simply don’t see why we need to stop using the whip.”

“If you want proof of just how well the whip works, take a little look at the pyramids.”