Monday 17 October 2011 by Spacey

ITV apologises after adverts are interrupted by TV programme

ITV has issued an apology to its viewers after its weekend schedule was briefly interrupted by a television programme.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster blamed the disruption on a technical problem caused by a faulty production company who accidentally let content get through to viewers’ screens.

“We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience that the break in adverts may have caused to our viewers,” said an ITV spokesperson.

“We work tirelessly in an attempt to ensure that our entire output consists of an endless stream of adverts, but unfortunately TV shows can sometimes occur.”

ITV adverts interrupted

Fans of buying things that they don’t need have expressed their frustration at the interruption and short pause in Martin Clunes voiceovers.

“It was farcical,” blasted 36 year old Mandy King. “There was a whole five minute period where there was no mention of an anti-ageing rejuvinating skin cream.”

“I almost got the impression that the people on screen wouldn’t know a pentapeptide if it jumped up and miraculously reversed the ageing process on their face.”

“I don’t know about you, but I could murder a dairy product produced by a family-owned company based in Somerset,” she added.

25 year old Gareth Nolan was also disappointed with the break in consumer information.

“It’s sad to see,” he said. “If they’re not careful it’ll end up like the BBC.”

“It’s non-stop programmes over there.”

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