Thursday 13 October 2011

But old people are mostly awful, claim nurses

Nurses have reacted angrily to accusations they provide a poor level of care for the elderly by pointing out just how awful most old people actually are.

The Care Quality Commission had concerns regarding 55 cases it reviewed, insisting that in many cases nurses couldn’t wait to get away from all the moaning and racist diatribes.

“It’s almost like nurses don’t like caring for people who are thoroughly awful to be around,” claimed one researcher.

“Old people are a depressing reminder of our own mortality, which when combined with claims that the foreigners are getting the best beds obviously makes empathy something of a challenge.”

“We will be making recommendations to the government to improve the levels of care given by nurses, but it would be great if they could do something to make most old people just a little bit nicer.”

Nursing care for elderly

Analysts have warned that although the survey highlights some failings, care for truly awful people is always going pretty bad so try not to get too concerned about it.

One such analyst told us, “When you’re talking about old people you have to assume that like a cross section of any group in modern society, there’s going to be a reasonable proportion of arseholes.”

“Unfortunately, the same is true of nurses.”

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