Wednesday 12 October 2011

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre congratulated over world-class straight face

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre has drawn congratulation from around the world after keeping a straight face whilst presenting the case for improved journalism standards.

The man who pays huge salaries to people like Liz Jones, Jan Moir and Richard Littlejohn said that self-regulation was the only way to truly retain freedom of the press, all whilst completely containing his inner smirk.

Audience member Simon Matthews said, “I have to take my hat off to him, it was an epic performance. I’ve never seen such a convincing straight face kept for so long, especially when the bearer was so clearly dying to burst out laughing.”

“That stuff about journalistic integrity had me in stitches, so how he kept it together I’ll never know.”

“I was absolutely convinced he’d break when he said you might as well abolish the police and CPS if you abolish the Press Complaints Commission – but no, he proved yet again that when it comes to brazenly supporting reforms whilst doing everything in your power to subvert, he is the master.”

Paul Dacre speech

Dacre spoke ahead of the start of Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry on phone hacking, in the faint hope that people will stop thinking of people like him as total shits.

Newspaper reader Kathy Simons told us, “If his argument is that self-regulation works, then we should look at the thing he regulates completely as a shining example of just how well it works – it’s just that he’s the editor of The Daily Mail, which is where his argument completely falls apart.”

“Hearing him lecture on journalism standards is much like Simon Cowell leading the call for increased artistic integrity from the music industry.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)

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