England’s Manu Tuilagi jumped from moving ferry, what do you think?

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Following his team’s World Cup exit, England rugby international Manu Tuilagi has been formally warned by police and fined £3,000 by England rugby officials after jumping from a ferry in Auckland on Sunday.

“I’m really sorry. It was a silly thing to do and I apologise to everybody for any inconvenience,” said Tuilagi.

We sent our reporters out on to the street to find out what you thought about England centre jumping from a ferry and swimming back to the harbour.

Woman on the Street“Oh God, this is terrible news – I hope it won’t adversely affect his application to join Mensa?”

Shaun Williams, Reviewer

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Man on the Street“Let’s not judge him until all the facts are available. Maybe someone said he’d have to sit next to Martin Johnson.”

Maggie Roach, Review Critic

Man on the Street“Come now, we’ve all wanted to jump from a moving ferry at one one time or another. Right?”

Rich Walters, Critic Critic

Woman on the Street

“Did he really jump? Or did he get tossed over the side because the rest of the team mistook him for a dwarf?”

Sheila James, Critic Reviewer

Woman on the Street

“I hope it was all just an elaborate set-up for a hilarious ‘manu overboard’ anecdote.”

Mike Matthews, Review Critic Reviewer