Daily Mail runs Steve Jobs obituary in which he’s still alive

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The Daily Mail has stunned readers by publishing an obituary for Steve Jobs in which he is alive and well, and living Cupertino, California.

The article, which reviews his achievement from the foundation of Apple, through to Pixar, right up to the iPad, also quotes Jobs as saying how much he likes California and is looking forward to the London Olympics.

A section of the obituary read, “The Apple founder welcomed reporters at his home this morning, especially us as we at the Daily Mail were definitely there, and told those of us gathered that the iPhone 5 would be amazing, before cutting short the press conference in order to play golf with friend, Peter Falk.”

Some sections of the media have defended the article, claiming it is normal practise to put together an obituary in which a dead person is actually still alive in order to cover all possible outcomes from the coroner’s enquiry.

“And if he was still alive we’re pretty certain this is what he would have said.” confirmed a Daily Mail spokesperson.

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Jobs’ Mail Obituary

The article has now been removed from the website, and replaced with one in which the Mail speculates that Jobs’ illness was caused by an increase in benefit claims by immigrants.

“I’m dying because of the illegal immigrants, definitely.  You can print that if you want to, Daily Mail.” he is quoted as saying in the article.

“We’re just telling his story,” confirmed a Daily Mail spokesperson.

“It’s what he would have wanted.”

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