Tuesday 4 October 2011

Pub TV ruling could see return to dark days of sub £50k a week wages, warns Sky

A European ruling which will allow pubs to show Premier League matches via cheaper foreign providers has raised the frightening spectre of average footballer wages dropping below £20,000 a week, Sky has warned.

The European Court of Justice ruled that television owners can buy their signal from whoever they bloody well please, no matter how angry that makes Sky Television.

Sky are set to appeal the decision, but warned viewers that ultimately the decision will only hurt those struggling by on several million pounds a year.

A spokesperson said, “What you have to remember is that this money has to come from somewhere, and right now it looks like coming directly out of the pocket of that foreign chap you saw rolling about on the grass on Match of the Day.”

“Viewers have to realise that decisions like this have a knock-on affect, and that this is not a ‘victimless’ ruling.”

“This could mean the end of £200k a week deals for John Terry, and £250k a week contracts for Carlos Tevez. Is that what you really want?”

Premier League TV ruling

Football fans have admitted that although watching a 3pm kick-off in the pub is certainly attractive, the thought of forcing average footballers to provide for their families on less than £20,000 a week is leaving them conflicted.

Chelsea fan Simon Williams told us, “It’s a tough one, for sure.  I’m certainly not going to spend £90 going to the game – but do I really want to see the players earn slightly less so that I can watch them on the television for free whilst enjoying a pint in my local?”

“Actually, hold on, I’ve thought about it, and yes. Yes, I do want that. In fact, that’s exactly what I want, mainly because I am not a total moron.”

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