Tuesday 4 October 2011

Italian stereotypes solidly reinforced

Fans of stereotypes were celebrating last night, after corrupt Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini saw his case against Amanda Knox collapse due to unreliable evidence.

Allowing a prosecutor with a recent conviction for ‘abuse of office’ to take chage of the case was the first step in ensuring the global perception of Italian officials in high office remained intact.

However mishandling of evidence, witness intimidation and a complete disregard for due process have ensured Italy is once again clear at the top of the sleazy stereotype league.

Steve Matthews, 35 told us, “I’ve always been a fan of the Italian stereotype of corruption throughout positions of power, and their lackadaisical approach to process, but this appeal was a godsend, frankly.”

Knox conviction quashed

Matthews went on, “It’s almost like someone asked a Hollywood scriptwriter to put together a plot for how a traditionally corrupt and incompetent police force would look to push through the conviction of an innocent girl on the whim of the ‘boss’.”

“Though if she’d been black, and actually been executed, we could have set the film in the US.”

Stereotype expert Simon Davies said the latest revelations were good for Italy as a whole.

He told reporters, “It’s about time to be honest. Poor old Silvio Berlusconi has been carrying the weight of a nation’s stereotype all by himself. Fortunately, the world’s media have been on hand to see this incident.”

“Say what you like about the Italians – no, I mean it, say what you like, they don’t give a shit.”

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