David Walliams announces plan to read entire iTunes T&Cs for comic relief

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Charity fundraiser and professional ordeal undergoer David Walliams has announced plans to raise money for comic relief by reading the entire terms and conditions for Apple’s iTunes product.

The plan is for Walliams to begin reading on the morning of Comic Relief, and to finish in time to press ‘accept’ live on air some time during the national broadcast.

A spokesperson for Comic Relief said, “David has done so much for us already, so we are hugely grateful that he’s willing to put himself through this gruelling exercise in the name of charity.

“We believe there have been a few people who’ve attempted this feat in the past, but never to do it all in one go, as David is planning.

“I’m sure there are people out there thinking ‘it’s just reading’, but I challenge any of you to spend a couple of hours reading the iTunes terms and conditions, and then you can imagine a fraction of the hell David faces in trying to complete the whole thing.”

Walliams spoke to the press at the launch of the appeal, and asked the nation to give generously.

He told reporters, “I realise that swimming the length of the Thames is an ordeal few can really relate to – but there are millions of people in this country who have been faced with the iTunes terms and conditions, and I would ask each of them to give generously.

“They know the deep anguish and tedium I will be facing throughout this challenge, and I only hope I will raise enough money to make it all worthwhile.

“Yes, I’ve been in training, and I’ve done War and Peace a couple of times this month, so I think I’m just about ready.”