ITV admits use of Angry Birds game footage in nature documentary

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ITV have admitted that human error led to in-game footage from Angry Birds being used as an example inter-species conflict in a nature documentary.

The faux-pas was only spotted after a six year-old girl called the station to point out that in the wild birds do not drop bombs onto pigs.

An ITV spokesperson apologised, telling us, “With hindsight, the concept of kamikaze bluebirds catapulting themselves at complex structures built by pigs does seem a little far-fetched.”

“It was an honest mistake, and we apologise to anyone traumatised by the thought of birds taking down pig-built structures.”

“No, we did not think to question why an animal with wings would even need catapult, or where they got the bombs.”

ITV uses game footage again

The admission has left many viewers unhappy, with Simon Williams of Stoke cancelling his safari for next summer as a result.

“I wanted to see the power of nature in all its majesty, to witness with my own eyes the incredible battle between bird and pig.”

“And now they’re telling me it doesn’t really happen like that, and that I’ll have to make do with Lions and Rhinos and stuff.  Well no thanks.”

Documentary makers from other channels have been warned to be extra vigilant after rumours that the BBC canned an episode of Rogue Traders after it was found that the ‘secret’ footage it used was actually from Mario Kart.