Wednesday 28 September 2011 by Spacey

I’m not weird, claims Miliband via hand puppet

Labour leader Ed Miliband has reacted angrily to suggestions that voters see him as ‘weird’ by issuing a statement via a sock snake insisting that he’s ‘a pretty normal guy’.

speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Socky the sock snake said, “The timesssss are too ssseriousssss, the issssuessss are too grave, for ussss to ssssay it is not about sssssubstance.”

Socky also dismissed claims that the Labour leader had undertaken nose surgery to make his voice sound less nasal by staring at the interviewer menacingly.

“Oh, I think you’ve made him angry,” said Mr Miliband.

“Just keep still! Stroke him, stroke him, that’s it. Tickle his chin, yeah, he likes that.”

“Woah! Don’t panic! Socky! Socky! Let him go!”

“I’m so sorry. Bad Socky!”

Miliband ‘weird’

Focus group research conducted around the UK by Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft, in which voters were asked to chose the word they thought best described Mr Miliband, revealed that the majority viewed him as “weird”.

A Labour Party spokesperson hit back at the findings.

“Considering that this was research conducted by a Tory peer and the other choices were Sex offender, Puppy murderer and Satan, I think Ed came out of it pretty well.”

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