I want Carlos Tevez out of Manchester, insists Carlos Tevez

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Following his refusal to take to the field against Bayern Munich, Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has announced his determination to do whatever it takes to force Carlos Tevez out of the club.

Mancini wanted to bring the Argentine on in the second half in the hope of transforming the game, but Tevez made clear that he’d be more interested in attending the Labour party conference.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Carlos Tevez will never play for Manchester City. Never.” Tevez said after the match.

“My off-pitch behaviour has been appalling for months and now I’ve taken that final step which completely crosses the line. No, not the touchline.”

“In the coming days I’ll be doing everything to see that I get out of here. Just like I’ve been doing for the past year or so.”

“It’s been really hard to make myself look like a bigger fool than Balotelli, but I think I’m finally getting there.”

Tevez not feeling blue

Mancini tried his best to sound angry and like he knew what was going on as he explained the situation.

“I do not tolerate players on such high wages who refuse to play and exhibit such childish behaviour.”

“Actually I didn’t before, but since I joined City I’ve had to learn to put up with it – if I want any players to select at all.”

“I’m ready to kick this spoiled multi-millionaire into touch and replace him with another spoiled multi-millionaire.”

“Our squad is such that we have any number of them waiting to take Tevez’s place.”

“Now, where’s Owen Hargreaves?”