Ah, now it makes sense, claim Mansfield Town fans

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Mansfield Town fans have admitted their relief at the news hot new Chief Exec Carolyn Still was given the job because she’s sleeping with the club’s owner, rather than because he is completely insane.

Just a few weeks after taking up her role, news has broken that she is to marry club owner John Radford in move described by fans as “completely understandable”.

Season ticket holder Steve Trill told us, “She’s a looker all right, and if it were in my power to give her a chief executive role in return for regular sexual intercourse, then I would do it without a second’s thought.”

“We actually thought John Radford had completely lost it, but it turns out he’s some kind of sexual genius.  He’s fast becoming a Mansfield legend.”

Mansfield marriage

However some fans have warned that the deal may turn sour now that Still is in post.

Married fan Mike Williams told us, “All I’m saying is that John Radford had better have any blow-job promises in writing, because now that she’s got what she wants they’ll dry up.  I’ve got a barely used time-share in Spain to prove it.”

“I don’t blame him for giving it a go, they can make a pretty compelling case for whatever they want.   But soon the headaches start, and before you know it you’re the proud owner of a worthless laughing stock – or a time share.”