Monday 26 September 2011 by Spacey

Warnock unhappy with refereeing decisions in game that hasn’t been played yet

QPR’s manager, Neil Warnock, has hit out at some of the decisions that might be made by the referee in a game that is yet to be played.

Warnock expressed his anger at the possibility of penalty decisions going against his side, and vented his fury at prospect of the opposing team scoring a goal that looks offside.

“I can’t believe the referee’s not going to spot it,” he blasted.

“Everyone in the stadium will see that their lad’s offside except the referee and the linesman.”

“I’m going to look at it over and over again and shake my head in disbelief.”

Warnock anger

Warnock also revealed his incredulity at a possible situation involving a penalty being awarded against his team.

“Their’s is not going to be a penalty – I’m not going to have seen anything like it.”

And on QPR’s penalty appeals, he added: “The first one will be blatant, and how the ref doesn’t spot the second one will be beyond me,”

Martin Jol, whose Fulham side host QPR next Saturday, disagreed with Warnock’s view.

“I think there will definitely be contact for our penalty appeal.”

“Some of the decisions in the game will go against us, but I will be pointing out that these things tend to even themselves out over the course of the season.”

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