Fury as minor change made to completely free brilliant thing

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Millions of Facebook users have expressed their outrage after a minor change was made to the completely free thing that continues to be free and forces no-one to use it.

A refreshed interface on the popular social network means that its 750 million users may have to spend literally minutes familiarising themselves with the slightly tweaked layout.

“This is disgusting,” wrote one user on their wall, “Not once did they ask me if they could change this incredible thing which they provide for me at no cost whatsoever.”

“The eight hours a day I spend on here are incredibly important, I definitely don’t have five minutes to learn something a bit different.”

“It has made me post an image about the issue which lots of other people posted because we’re all incredibly upset and Facebook is the best place to express that.”

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Facebook changes

Others have said they actually don’t care about the changes, and that it might actually force them to engage with another human being every now and again.

Regular Facebook user Jane Matthews told us, “I was trying to find out what my friend Tracey was doing, and I couldn’t.  Then I remembered I had a phone, so I called her.”

“Turns out she was too busy playing Farmville to talk to me, but it was nice to hear her voice. Even it if it was her voicemail.”

Social anthropologist Simon Williams told us, “It’s an important lesson for those working in the world of politics.”

“Clearly if you want to motivate a large number of people, simply make a small change to something that doesn’t cost them anything and literally couldn’t be any less important.”

“No, I don’t get it either.”

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