Google+ to allow everyone to have dormant Google+ account

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Social network Google+ has opened up its platform, ensuring that anyone who wants a dormant Google+ account to completely ignore, can now have one.

Although it has not published official figures, estimates by web analytics firms suggest that up to 25 million now have a Google+ account that they never look at.

Technology analyst Simon Williams told us, “For several months now Google+ has been in a public Beta, yet there are still literally tens of millions of people eager to put together circles of contacts that they will only ever looked at once.”

“I would say that by the new year Google+ could be looking at over 100 million dormant accounts, which you have to admit is pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.”

Google+ goes public

Early adopters of the social network have welcomed the move to open it up to everyone.

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Google+ account holder Graham Matthews told us, “There’s nothing quite like creating a Google+ ‘Hangout’ and being the only one in there for hours on end.”

“It’s the most accurate representation of the real-life of a social network user we’ve ever seen on the Internet.”

A Google spokesperson said, “Look, say what you like about our platform, but we don’t have Farmville.  If that’s not enough to make you choose us, then we don’t want you.”

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