Kevin Davies apologises for tackling Manchester United player

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Bolton striker Kevin Davies has succumbed to public outrage and apologised to Manchester United’s Tom Cleverly after attempting to take the ball off him at the weekend.

Sir Alex Ferguson made his feelings clear as he raged about Davies’ audacity at actually trying his hardest against the champions.

“We knew it was bad straight away – anyone watching could see it was a tackle,” Ferguson fumed.

“It was unfortunate, but we expected it. Someone was bound to be reckless enough to try and tackle a Manchester United player this season.”

“It’s up to the authorities to stamp out this behaviour before it escalates into a Manchester United defeat.”

“You could see in Davies’ eyes that he only had one thing in his mind, beating Manchester United, and that’s simply unacceptable in the modern game.”

Davies apologises for tackle

Despite showing no remorse for elbowing opponents who do not make any fuss on a weekly basis, the Bolton man has revealed he has contacted Cleverly to say sorry for trying to win the ball.

“It’s the respectful thing to do for a Manchester United player,” Davies said.

“If I did it to some guy who plays for Chelsea or Liverpool I wouldn’t bother apologising, and Fergie would probably send me a nice bottle of wine.”

“Last season Jonny Evans nearly ended Stuart Holden’s career and no-one cared, so I thought it would be all right to try and pinch the ball at some stage.”

“Obviously I was wrong.”