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Slaves freed from Traveller site say conditions ‘as bad as any UK caravan holiday’

An ‘army’ of 24 slaves, freed by police from a traveller site in Bedfordshire, have described their experience as ‘typical for a budget UK holiday’.

The men had been kept against their will in inhuman facilities, described by Inspector Humphries as ‘caravans’.

“We found them packed into these cramped little houses with wheels on. It was like a scene from Butlins.”

“The walls were paper-thin, and when they were tired, they had to dismantle the table and make it into a sort of makeshift bed. The ‘bathroom’ was just a cupboard with a bucket in it.”

“The windows were made of plastic, and the kitchen had a woeful lack of storage space. It’s no wonder they’re so emaciated.”


Fortunately, the men were allowed to carry out up to 14 hours forced labour a day.

“Our criminal psychologist knows a lot about camping, you might say she’s an expert in the field. It’s her view that enforced tarmacing saved these men. To survive these ordeals, you need a certain amount of grit.”

“Most of the victims focused on their work to get through the ordeal, and we’ve really admired their drive. Their crazy paving looks pretty smart, too.”

Since their rescue, the men have been put up in a Travel Lodge in Luton while the investigation continues.

“They’ve been through a living hell, faced a dehumanising experience in harsh, cramped surroundings.” Explained Inspector Humphries.

“I’m not surprised that most of them want to go back to the caravans.”

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