Gadaffi family undergoing Arsenal medical

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Reports are emerging that Colonel Gadaffi and his clan have secretly made their way to the Emirates stadium in the hope of completing a switch to beleaguered north London side, Arsenal.

The news means that Arsene Wenger has been forced into a suitable knee-jerk reaction to strengthen his squad after the mauling at Old Trafford.

“I don’t wish to comment on that, but let’s just say that Algeria will be shocked and disappointed,” Wenger smirked.

“We are looking for players with a bit of determination and backbone, so who better than a tyrannical dictator and his clan?”

“To be honest, right now I’d take anyone instead of Denilson and Armand Traore.”

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Gadaffi in Gunners switch

Despite the obvious ethical complications, many fans have reacted positively to the possibility of a new signing with such an world-wide reputation.

“We’re not sure if he knows what football is, but at least we’ve signed someone,” revealed Rick Thomas from north London.

“Having proved he can stand up to both NATO and much of his own country, I think that kind of steel is exactly what our squad needs.”

“Of course some might question the morals of it, but if QPR can sign Joey Barton, then why can’t we snap up a mass-murderer who’s wanted dead by almost everyone on the planet?”