Mike Phelan announces BBC interview boycott

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Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan has announced that with immediate effect he will no longer be available for interview by the BBC.

Phelan has been a regular on Match of the Day for the last seven years, but has decided that he no longer has any interest in sharing the opinions given to him with the Match of the Day program.

A club spokesperson said, “People will suggest that the timing of this announcement, and the fact that it coincides with Sir Alex’s agreement to talk to the BBC is nothing more than sour grapes on his part, but I assure you it’s not.”

“He’s been fed up with the BBC’s portrayal of his new beard for quite some time, and was waiting till there was someone else available to conduct the post-match interviews.”

“Mike feels that Sir Alex Ferguson is a more than adequate stand-in, and is fully qualified to express opinions on behalf of Mike Phelan.”

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Phelan BBC boycott

Speaking to MUTV, Phelan said, “They did not drop me, I decided I didn’t want to talk them first. Oh yes I did.”

“Everyone in broadcasting knows that Mike Phelan offers a unique insight into mixed metaphor construction at this club, but I’m afraid they’ll simply have to make do with Sir Alex from this point forward.”

“So what if I’ve spent all this money of voice coaches and on-screen training – it doesn’t matter to me one little tiny microscopic bit.”

“And no, I don’t care how much they want me in the future, I’m definitely done with the BBC.”

“Well, unless they want me for one more interview? For old time’s sake?”