Carling Cup now being taken less seriously than Nick Clegg

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Premier League and Championship football teams have revealed that they take the Carling Cup competition about as seriously as most people people take Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

With some Premier League clubs and top Championship sides fielding increasingly weak sides in the competition, some managers have described it as ‘pointless’, which is also a word often used to describe the Lib Dem leader.

Neil Warnock, whose QPR side were dumped out of the comepetition by League One Rochdale, said, “There’s nothing to get enthused about, absolutely nothing.”

“Lifeless, uninspiring, dull, a complete pain in the backside.”

“As for the Carling Cup, you’ve only got to look at the attendances to see no-one’s interested in that either.”

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Carling Cup

Speaking after his side’s 2-1 defeat to Aldershot, West Ham boss, Sam Allardyce said “If anyone can find a point then I’d like to know what it is.”

“I think it’s about time that the powers that be just got rid.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I feel the same way about the Carling Cup.”

Not all managers were as scathing in their criticism, with Sunderland boss, Steve Bruce, insisting “I want to win every competition that we’re involved in.”

“Unfortunately due to my transfer policy of signing anyone as long as they have two functioning legs I think I’m going to spend the whole season fielding a weak team.”

“Actually, I don’t suppose you’ve got the telephone number of Nick Clegg’s agent?”

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