Prime Minister’s job could be interrupted by further holiday-making

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Prime Minister David Cameron may face further disruptions to his work schedule as he tries to juggle running the country with the demands of taking lots of holidays.

Mr Cameron who was recently forced to cut short dealing with the economic crisis and rising unemployment to take charge of a relaxing break in Cornwall, has given reassurances that his ability to oversee a successful holiday will not be compromised by the job he was elected and is paid to do.

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my commitment to the people of Britain that no matter how bad things get, whatever challenges we may face, I’ll still be able to go on holiday,” he insisted.

“The neccessity for a Tuscan holiday in relation to rioters burning the country to the ground shouldn’t be overlooked.”

“Seriously, I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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David Cameron’s holiday

The prime minister also insisted that circumstances sometimes meant that he was forced to take unforseen days off.

“I couldn’t possibly have predicted that England would be so good at cricket, but matters of such importance require my attendance.”

“You never know what’s going to happen next in this job.”

“One minute there’s a big crisis, the next I’m sat on a veranda drinking Pimms.”