Your punditry career looks like being the same as your England career, viewers tell Gary Neville

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Football fans have responded to Gary Neville’s claim that his England career was a ‘waste of time’ by arguing that his fledgling career as a pundit is going much the same way.

Despite giving his all in his performances so far this season which have showcased his technical ability, most Sky Sports viewers have found themselves longing for Andy Gray to return -much to their own horror.

“We know that he’s got the heart and the passion, but he’s lacking that something special which would make him a winner,” explained disgruntled Peterborough fan Bob Thomas.

“The Premier League is exciting and full of skill, but I can’t see him making any progress for the next decade at least.”

“He tries his best, but me and my mates would still rather go on holiday to Tripoli than have to listen to him droning on at half-time.”

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“You can tell he’s struggling and fearing the consequences of being outfoxed by Jamie Redknapp in the analysis box.”

Neville commentary a ‘waste of time’

In his autobiography Neville has revealed his disappointment at the treatment he’s received, just in case someone actually buys it.

“Pulling on your Monday Night Football suit and discussing the merits of a diamond formation with Ray Wilkins should be one of the best moments of your life,” he writes.

“But sometimes you question if you’re enjoying the ride. And I dread to think how the viewers feel.”

“We’re caught between being good, potentially very good, and as boring as Everton in the first half of the season.”

A spokesperson for Sky Sports concluded, “The Premier League years have seen a rise in technique and skills and intelligence, but that improvement won’t work it’s way into the studio overnight.”

“In fact, as Neville so perfectly illustrates, it might never get there at all.”