Unattractive A* student told to get out of the shot

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A student from London who earned five A* grades in her A-Levels is being repeatedly told to get out of the shot this morning, it has emerged.

As photographers clamour for a lucrative shot of photogenic young women with a hint of ‘up the skirt’ action that they can sell to the Daily Mail, academic superstar Ruth Matthews has been left on the sidelines.

“I’ve worked hard for these five A* grades for nearly two years, so it would be nice to be recognised for my achievements – I’m not asking for front page coverage, just to be in the photo would be nice,” she told us.

However, photographers positioned at her school gates insisted, “I’m sure she’s very clever and all that, but no-one wants to see that on the news.

“Especially when there are still loads of people still eating their breakfasts.”

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Not all students have found it so difficult to get themselves into the photographs soon to be on the front page of the nation’s newspapers and websites.

Jane Williams, 18 told us, “I only got two Cs and a D, but photographers have been asking me to pose with my results all day.  I guess it will make a nice addition to my modelling portfolio.

“This one guy who said he worked for the Daily Mail – that’s a proper paper and everything – asked if I could put my finger to my mouth and look like I was thinking hard about which university I should go to.

“I was happy to help him, obviously.”

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