BBC to consider cutting channel that requires viewers to pay attention

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The BBC has confirmed that BBC4 could be cut after a review of its digital output revealed that viewers were left angry and confused by programmes that contained complications such as information or a plot.

The broadcaster discovered that viewers tuning into the channel quickly became agitated when faced with programmes that didn’t allow them to vote by phone or play along by pressing the red button on their remote control.

“We found that there were a number of things that acted as an irritant to viewers,” explained a BBC spokesperson.

“Anything factual, or a programme that might provoke some kind of thought process would leave viewers frantically searching for the comfort of Don’t Tell the Bride.”

BB4 under threat

The review also attempted to identify what viewers wanted to see on their screens.

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“We found that people enjoy staring blankly at the television while saliva drips from their open mouths,” said BBC director general, Mark Thompson.

“With this in mind we’ll definitely be looking at bringing back a new version of Two Pints of Lager.”

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