Joey Barton uses Twitter to propose unified field theory of physics

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A frenzied debate has begun among international scholars after footballer Joey Barton posted a short message on Twitter which claims to outline the basis for the elusive unified field theory.

The term was first coined by Einstein, who has since been hailed by Barton as “a top lad”.

The theory attempts to unify his general theory of relativity with the laws of electromagnetism and has defied the world’s greatest scientific minds for the best part of a century – until now.

In a second recent tweet on the subject, Barton brands theoretical physicist Stephen Weinberg “a muppet” for attempting to unify strong and electroweak interactions.

The Nobel laureate was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

Barton’s Unified theory

Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer, added fuel to the fire with comments made on the Saturday evening BBC programme, claiming it was a “bit of a rookie mistake by the boy.”

“He definitely needs to reevaluate Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.”

Some managers have now suggested that their players might be banned from using twitter in the future.

A similar incident last month led to widespread scorn for Wayne Rooney who used the social networking site to attack the government’s “over-reliance on Keynesian economics”, later adding “Numpties need to look at the macroeconomic outcomes of private sector policies lol”.